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eating disorders

Compulsive eating, restraining or refusal to eat can all be ways someone with an eating disorder tries to control issues that are too difficult to deal with directly. Eating Disorders are a group or a system of serious conditions where a person is completely preoccupied with food, consumption and the effect it has on their body. There are three main types of eating disorders: Anorexia nervosa, when a person refuses to eat, Bulimia nervosa, when a person binges and purges food to control their intake, Binge-eating disorder, when a person over eats and feels like they can’t stop.

For more information, visits the Canadian Mental Health Association:
Canadian Mental Health Association

For treatment and support information regarding eating disorders, you can contact:
 The Looking Glass Society
Eating Disorders Information (for all ages) compiled by the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre at BC Children’s Hospital